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About this Commission
Information about ICAR MEDCOM (Int. Commission for Mountain Emergency Medicine)
The International Commission for Mountain Emergency Medicine ICAR MEDCOM was founded in 1948 by the Alpine countries as a sub-commission of the International Commission for Mountain Rescue with the aim of improving medical treatment of casualties in the mountains.
To date ICAR MEDCOM has a membership of 90 active emergency physicians, working in mountainous areas, from 28 European and North American countries, Nepal, Argentina, Japan and South Africa.

The main goal of the Committee is the elaboration of recommendations and guidelines dealing with scientific and practical aspects of mountain rescue and emergency treatment of casualties in mountainous terrain. The papers are intended for emergency physicians, paramedics and first responders. All our recommendations and guidelines are published in international journals.
Moreover, preventive recommendations for mountaineers are worked out in collaboration with the Medical Commission of UIAA (The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation).
The commission is also involved in education and training of mountain rescuers and physicians in countries with efforts of establishing a system of local rescue groups and a  demand of knowledge and training. Up to now, we supported courses in Argentina (2005) and Nepal (2009) with human and financial resources.
In cooperation with UIAA MEDCOM and ISMM (International Society for Mountain Medicine) ICAR MEDCOM has established the "Diploma for Mountain Medicine" and the "Diploma for Mountain Emergency Medicine" in order to standardize postgraduate medical training for physicians interested and/or involved in mountain medicine and rescue medicine in mountainous areas.
The commission meets twice a year at the spring meeting (on invitation of our members) and at the general assembly of IKAR-CISA where we present our work to the other commissions. Additionally our members are invited to many national and international congresses to give lectures and present our scientific work.