ICAR 2020 Convention - next Congress!


October 13-18, 2020 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Hosted/organized by HRT Hellenic Rescue Team. More event information will be published here when confirmed.

Tue 13 Oct 20 > Arrival
Wed 14 Oct 20 > Practical Day
Thu 15 Oct 20 > Congress
Fri 16 Oct 20 > Congress
Sat 17 Oct 20 > Congress (incl. ICAR Assembly of Delegates)
Sun 18 Oct 20 > Departure

General Topic: Risk Assessment in Mountain Rescue Operations

Attending ICAR Conventions requires accommodation in one of the hotels offered by the Local Organizers and booked via their congress registration process.

20190120-BOA Guidelines for Presentations at ICAR Conventions (pdf, 112.22 Kb)
20200310-ICAR Paper Submission Copyright Transfer Form (pdf, 137.97 Kb)
20200310-ICAR Paper Submission Copyright Transfer Form (docx, 1.04 Mb)

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