ICAR 2018 Convention


October 17-20, 2018 in Chamonix, France. Jointly hosted/organized by all French ICAR Members: ANENA, ENSA, FFME, GSM.

Please note the different programm structure > extended stay:

16 Oct 18 Tue > Arrival
17 Oct 18 Wed > Congress
18 Oct 18 Thu > Congress
19 Oct 18 Fri > Practical Day (optional)
20 Oct 18 Sat > Congress (incl. ICAR Assembly of Delegates)
21 Oct 18 Sun > Departure

The complete detailed Convention Schedule is now available online, see download section below.

Main Topic: Influence of Climate Change to Mountain Rescue Operations.

Register until September 6, 2018 in order to avoid the late booking surcharge. This year the registration process will also ask you to provide arrival/departure information (flights to/from Geneva airport or car). Please follow the link below to access the convention website & online registration.

Dedicated contact for Exhibitors / ICAR Partners only (stands, accommodation, offline registration):
Dominique LETANG
E-mail: dominique.letang@anena.org
Phone: +33 4 7651 3939 (Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00 CEST/UTC+2)

Main Contact for all other Attendees / ICAR Members / Companions / Non-Members (please register online):
E-mail: geraldine.pignatelli@chamonix.com
Phone: +33 4 5053 7550 (Monday 10:00-12:00 / Tuesday-Friday 10:00-17:00 CEST/UTC+2)

ICAR Honorary Members shall register as "ICAR Member" and indicate "ICAR Honorary Member" as their organization they belong to in the registration process.

ICAR Candidate Member Organizations (with an ongoing membership application process with ICAR Office) may also register as "ICAR Member".

Please see the convention website (you will find the link below, then consult "Venues") regarding the requirements of registering a specific hotel depending on your commission affiliation. ICAR Executive Board Members shall select the Alpina Eclectic Hotel.

Arriving in Chamonix for the convention, check-in for the congress and accommodation takes place at the hotel you have registered for. Attendees arriving with vehicles will be instructed by the hotel (upon arrival) where to park during the convention.

For the current local time in Chamonix, France please follow the link provided below.

Official Carriers Air France/KLM and Mobility Partner Agreements with the Lufthansa Group offer reduced airfares for your travel (via Geneva airport) to ICAR 2018 in Chamonix, France. Available to all attendees: Members, Non-Members, Companions, ICAR Partners, Exhibitors. If you desire to make use of these special offers (highly recommended, continuation in future years will depend on the volume generated) simply follow one of the links below when booking your travel.

Reminder: Attending ICAR Conventions requires accommodation in one of the hotels offered in the registration process by the Local Organizers.

Looking forward seeing you all at ICAR 2018 in Chamonix, France in October this year, travel safely!

20150301-BOA Guidelines for Presentations at ICAR Conventions (pdf, 130.59 Kb)
20170120-BOA Copyright Transfer Form (pdf, 87.06 Kb)
20181010-BOA Paper Submission Form (pdf, 108.46 Kb)
ICAR 2018 France Detailed Convention Schedule FINAL VERSION (pdf, 166.99 Kb)
ICAR 2018 France Local Organizing Committee Organization (pdf, 53.36 Kb)
ICAR 2018 France Practical Day Workshop Grouped Attendees List (pdf, 52.22 Kb)
ICAR 2018 France Practical Day Workshop Information Update (pdf, 692.98 Kb)
ICAR 2018 France Presentation Chamonix Congrès (pdf, 1.95 Mb)

ICAR 2018 France Convention Website & Online Registration (external link)
ICAR 2018 France Current Local Time (external link)
ICAR 2018 France Facebook (external link)
ICAR 2018 France Reduced Airfares on Air France/KLM
ICAR 2018 France Reduced Airfares on Lufthansa Group
La Chamoniarde: Prevention & Mountain Rescue (external link)
Le Dauphine: Chamonix News FR (external link)
Le Dauphine: Global warming happens right now FR (external link)
Video-Clip 1: Chamonix Aiguille du Midi (external link)
Video-Clip 2: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in Summer (external link)
Video-Clip 3: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in Winter (external link)