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The International Commission for Alpine Rescue ICAR (Internationale Kommission für Alpine Rettung IKAR / Commission Internationale pour le Sauvetage Alpin CISA) was founded in 1948. ICAR is incorporated as an association under Swiss law, with its seat in Kloten, Switzerland. ICAR does not pursue any commercial purposes and is not profit oriented. Our main common language is English, with German and French being official ICAR languages too.

The top organizational body is the ICAR Assembly of Delegates, where our member organizations are represented by delegates (number of delegates depending on the type of membership). The ICAR Assembly of Delegates usually takes place in October upon our main event, the annual ICAR Convention (see "CONGRESS" in the "NEWS" section of this website), which is alternately organized by one of our member organizations. The annual ICAR Convention starts with a pre-convention day (practical workshops out in the field), continues with 3 days of seminars inside (including an informal local evening event) and concludes with the annual ICAR Assembly of Delegates followed by a gala dinner.

The ICAR Assembly of Delegates appoints members for the ICAR Executive Board BOA (President, Vice-President, Treasury, Technical Commission Presidents and Assessors, all of them volunteers), which takes care of the daily business through the year. For administrative tasks (correspondence, web-mastering) there is an ICAR Office, staffed 12 hours weekly, located at Zurich-Airport in Switzerland, financed in equal parts by ICAR and our member ARS Alpine Rettung Schweiz, hosting it.

ICAR has 4 Technical Commissions, covering all aspects of mountain rescue (and prevention for rescuers):

  • Air Rescue Commission AIR
  • Avalanche Rescue Commission AVA (including Sub-Commission for Dog-Handlers DOG)
  • Alpine Emergency Medicine Commission MED
  • Terrestrial Rescue Commission TER

You will find them (and information about their tasks) in the "ORGANIZATION" section of this website.

ICAR Recommendations are developped and published as well by the ICAR Executive Board BOA and the ICAR Technical Commissions AIR, AVA, MED, TER. You will find them published on this website in the "INFORMATION" section under "RECOMMENDATIONS" (all together) or, filtered to each organizational unit, in the "ORGANIZATION" section under the sub-section of the respective organizational unit.

There are also general ICAR Publications (Diploma in Mountain Medicine, Statistics, etc.), which can be found on this website in the "INFORMATION" section under "PUBLICATIONS".

ICAR currently has 98 member organizations in 37 countries worldwide. For links to each member organization please navigate to the "MEMBERS" section on this website.

Country Organizations
Andorra 1
Argentina 1
Australia 2
Austria 5
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
Bulgaria 2
Canada 9
China 1
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 1
France 4
Germany 5
Greece 1
Iceland 1
Ireland 1
Italy 8
Japan 2
Liechtenstein 1
Macedonia (FYR) 1
Montenegro 1
Nepal 1
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 2
Norway 6
Poland 2
Republic of Korea 1
Romania 1
Scotland 1
Serbia 2
Slovakia 3
Slovenia 2
South Africa 2
Spain 5
Sweden 5
Switzerland 9
United Kingdom 1
Total 98

ICAR Members can access the Internal Area of this website via "Login" on the top right side of your screen. Existing login data has been transfered unchanged from our previous (old) website to this (new) one.

New users (ICAR Members only) may request login data via office@alpine-rescue.org, mentioning to which ICAR Member Organization they're affiliated.

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