ICAR 2020 Convention / Call for Papers


Presentations in Technical ICAR Commission Meetings upon ICAR Conventions do require prior approval of the respective ICAR Commission President. Submission deadline is August 10, 2020. Click...

The General Topic for the ICAR 2020 Convention in Thessaloniki, Greece in October (as decided by the ICAR Assembly of Delegates) is: Risk Assessment in Mountain Rescue Operations.

Please submit your abstracts/presentations to the respective Commission/Sub-Commission President:

For your submissions you may use the convenient form available for download below. Please observe the "Guidelines for Presentations at ICAR Conventions" also available from downloads below, thank you!

The deadline for your submissions via e-mail to the above contacts is August 10, 2020.

20190120-BOA Guidelines for Presentations at ICAR Conventions (pdf, 112.22 Kb)
20200310-ICAR Paper Submission Copyright Transfer Form (pdf, 137.97 Kb)
20200310-ICAR Paper Submission Copyright Transfer Form (docx, 1.04 Mb)


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