ICAR 2019 Convention - next ICAR Congress!


October 9-12, 2019 in Zakopane, Poland. Hosted/organized by TOPR Tatrańskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe. Registration is open now, click for details…

Tue 08 Oct 19 > Arrival
Wed 09 Oct 19 > Practical Day (optional), organized under the lead of ICAR-TER
Thu 10 Oct 19 > Congress
Fri 11 Oct 19 > Congress
Sat 12 Oct 19 > Congress (incl. ICAR Assembly of Delegates)
Sun 13 Oct 19 > Departure

General Topic: Teamwork

Arrival/Departure Airport: Kraków Balice John Paul II, Poland (KRK).

Ground transfer travel time to/from the venue in Zakopane is 1,5 to 3 hours (depending on traffic). Direct bus transfers will be arranged by the local organizers, provided you book them upon registration and indicate your flight details. For that reason book your flights before you register to the convention. In order to do that, just follow the links indicated below.

As always, attending the convention requires the use of the accommodation offered by the local organizers on the convention website and in the registration process. Minimum stay is 4 nights (Wed-Sun). 1 additional night is added when you attend the optional practical day (Tue-Wed).

More detailed information is available on the convention website via the link indicated below.

00 ICAR 2019 Poland / Convention Website & Registration (external link)
01 ICAR 2019 Poland / Discounted Travel with Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines
02 ICAR 2019 Poland / Official Carrier Air France KLM
03 Current Local Time CEST in Zakopane Poland (external link)
04 ICAR 2019 Poland / Call for papers
05 ICAR 2019 Poland / TOPR Promotion Video (external link)
06 TOPR Website (external link)
07 Kraków Airport - Kraków City Train (external link)
08 Kraków City - Zakopane Public Bus (external link)
09 Tatra National Park on Wikipedia (external link)
10 Malopolska Tourism Organization (external link)
11 Zakopane Destination Website (external link)
12 Zakopane Destination Video (external link)
13 Zakopane Guide (external link)
14 Web-Designer of the ICAR 2019 Poland Event Website