ICAR 2019 Convention - Visual Impressions


October 9-12, 2019 in Zakopane, Poland. Photos provided by the Piotr Drożdż (on behalf of the Local Organizers), Raphael Gingins (ARS) & ICAR Office (external links).

Additional visual impressions showing moments and faces not covered yet, are most welcome. Please send them to office@alpine-rescue.org. Thank you!

ICAR 2019 Poland Highlights Video produced by Topograph Media on behalf of ICAR, with great thanks to the loyal 2019 ICAR Media Production Partners PETZL, PMI and TYROMONT. Coming soon...

20191009-Wednesday Photos (external link)
20191010-Thursday Photos (external link)
20191011-Friday Photos (external link)
20191012-Saturday Photos (external link)
ICAR 2019 Poland / Dog-Handlers Video (external link)
ICAR 2019 Poland / Sneak Preview Video (external link)
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