ICAR 2016 Convention - Videos


Have a look at Highlight Videos, Facebook & Instagram postings (in English) of our Convention held October 20-22, 2016 in Borovets, Bulgaria. Provided by Topograph Media (external links).

> Download links at bottom of this page, the index list below indicates the location on the video time line.

Highlight Video Part 1 features 6 selected presentations:

01:24 Dr. Greg Zen-Ruffinen, Air Glacier Helicopter Rescue Service, "Helicopter Long-Line Quick Extraction in times of high avalanche danger".
04:06 Klaus Wagenbichler, Austrian Mountain Rescue, "Slalom Avalanche Probing Techniques".
06:08 Jan Hoggen, Norwegian Red Cross, "RECCO update".
08:35 Kuba Horonwski, Tatra Mountain Rescue Service, Poland, "Avalanche Beacon Techniques".
11:17 Manuel Genswein, Avalanche Expert, "Mountain Safety Knowledge Data Base".
12:17 Dr. Natalie Hölzl, German Association of Mountain and Expedition Medicine and Dr. Julia Fieler, Norwegian Red Cross "Scoop and Run" scenarios for patient evacuation.

Highlight Video Part 2 features 5 selected presentations:

01:56 Mikael Amlert, Mountain Guide, Sweden, "Best Practice in Avalanche Victim Excavation".
03:36 Live Kummen, Norwegian Peoples Aid, "A National Guideline for Terrestrial Search Methods in Norway".
10:25 Marie Nordgren, Rescue Specialist, Sweden, "Rescue and Recovery of Three Teenage Boys, two were apparently deceased".
19:37 Kirk Mauthner, Mountain Guide, British Columbia, "New Developments in Rope Rescue in Canada".
30:21 Ekaterina Kovatcheva, Bulgarian Red Cross, "Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Dogs in Action".

Also you will find 5 interviews with the Presidents of ICAR and the four Technical Commissions:
00:50 Avalanche Rescue Commission
08:28 Alpine Emergency Medicine Commission
17:35 Terrestrial Rescue Commission
27:41 Air Rescue Commission
31:52 ICAR President

ICAR 2016 Bulgaria Borovets Highlights Video Part 1
ICAR 2016 Bulgaria Borovets Highlights Video Part 2
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