ICAR 2017 Andorra / Call for Papers


July 2017, Presentations in Technical ICAR Commission Meetings do require prior approval of the respective Commission/Sub-Commission President. The deadline for your submissions is July 31, 2017.

The General Topic for ICAR 2017 in Andorra (as decided by the ICAR Assembly of Delegates last year) is: Rescue from Big Walls.

Please submit your abstracts/presentations to the respective Commission/Sub-Commission President:

For your submissions you may use the convenient forms available for download below.

The deadline for your submissions is July 31, 2017.

20150301-BOA Guidelines for Presentations at ICAR Conventions (pdf, 130.59 Kb)
20160411-ICAR Copyright Transfer Form (pdf, 134.15 Kb)
20160411-ICAR Copyright Transfer Form (docx, 48.75 Kb)
20160411-ICAR Paper Submission Form (pdf, 228.94 Kb)
20160411-ICAR Paper Submission Form (docx, 1.03 Mb)