20181020 ICAR 70th Assembly of Delegates


Chamonix, France.

00-ICAR Assembly of Delegates 2018 Complete Documentation including all Files (zip, 17.79 Mb)
01-ICAR Assembly of Delegates 2018 Invitation (pdf, 319.51 Kb)
02-ICAR Assembly of Delegates 2018 Agenda (pdf, 452.03 Kb)
03-ICAR Assembly of Delegates 2018 Presentation (pdf, 13.45 Mb)
20180121-ICAR Financial Report 2017 (pdf, 577.91 Kb)
20180306-ICAR Auditors Report 2017 (pdf, 49.78 Kb)
20180713 ARS Application ICAR 2022 Switzerland (pdf, 119.10 Kb)
20180808 AMMR Membership Objection by JMGA/JMBC (pdf, 118.06 Kb)
20180823 GRZS Nomination AIR President Mihael Avbelj (pdf, 1.16 Mb)
20180824-ICAR Budget 2019 (pdf, 185.45 Kb)
20180824 MRA Nomination AIR President Charley Shimanski (pdf, 332.23 Kb)
20180825-AIR President Annual Report (pdf, 145.09 Kb)
20180901-MED President Annual Report (pdf, 206.33 Kb)
20180903-DOG President Annual Report (pdf, 60.54 Kb)
20180910-TER President Annual Report (pdf, 232.25 Kb)
20180913-DOG-REC0001 Requirements for Dog-Handlers and Rescue Dogs REVISION DRAFT (pdf, 215.05 Kb)
20180913-TER-REC0007 Rope Differentiation Static / Low Stretch / Dynamic Ropes REVISION DRAFT (pdf, 164.45 Kb)
20180918 ENSA Nomination ICAR Honorary Member Pat Fauchère (pdf, 77.79 Kb)
20180919 AMMR Membership Objection Correspondence with JMGA/JMBC  (pdf, 470.91 Kb)
20180919-AVA President Annual Report (pdf, 235.11 Kb)
20180919 ENSA/FFME/GSM/ANENA Nomination AIR Vice-President Renaud Guillermet (pdf, 466.22 Kb)
20180919 KWRO/OCVS Nomination ICAR Honorary Member Pat Fauchère (pdf, 21.27 Kb)
20181019-AIR Pat Fauchère's Achievements (pdf, 152.36 Kb)
20181019-AIR President Election Documentation (pdf, 8.65 Mb)
20181020-ICAR Assembly of Delegates Voting Table signed (pdf, 8.45 Mb)

20181020 GC-GREIM Speech (external link)
20181020 GC-GREIM Video (external link)
20181020 NCRC MRA Cooperation Presentation Eddy Cartaya (external link)
20181020 RNoAF-330SQN Video (external link)
ICAR 2019 Zakopane Poland TOPR Promotion Video (external link)