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Topograph Media - ICAR Media Production Partner

Producer and Provider of our ICAR Video Library and ICAR Social Media Postings.

ICAR Interpreters - Simultaneous Conference Translation

Our experienced team, very familiar with ICAR terms and vocabulary: Linda Rothenberg (lead), Livia Bartels, Hans-Martin Jörimann, Jana Marchesi and Marie-Louise Orler.

IFMGA - International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations

The IFMGA (UIAGM, IVBV) is an international association of mountain guide associations worldwide. Their bylaws unfortunately do not allow them to be a member in another organization like ICAR.

MS.I -

Project of the associative members IFMGA and ICAR plus the scientific member WSL-SLF. Project initiated by Manuel Genswein. UIAA is in collaboration with (external link).

EAWS - European Avalanche Warning Services

Website administrated by Avalanche Warning Service Tyrol in Innsbruck, Austria (external link).

Website of the American Avalanche Association & the National Avalanche Center, USA.

SIN - Snow Industry News

Updates from the inside of the snow industry (external link).

ISSW International Snow Science Workshop - Proceedings Database Project by Montana State University

Follow the link to Montana State University Library Digital Initiatives (external link).

Felix Meier - Avalanche Transceivers

Website of our ICAR Honorary Member (external link).

EENA 112 - European Emergency Number Association

EENA is a non-governmental organisation based in Brussels, Belgium with the mission to contribute improving the safety and security of people (external link).

W3W - What3Words

What3Words provides a precise and incredibly simple way to talk about location, by dividing the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigning each one a unique 3 word address (external link).

Drone vs. Helicopter - An Unsuspected Danger

Prevention video, produced by La Chamoniarde (Society for prevention and mountain rescue) in Chamonix, France.

EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency (EU)

EASA is an agency of the European Union with responsibility for civil aviation safety (external link).

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration (US)

The Federal Aviation Administration is an operating mode of the US Department of Transportation (external link).

Elsevier - Peer-reviewed Scientific and Medical Research Articles

Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science and improve performance for the benefit of humanity (external link).

TWICE ME® - NFC Medical ID

With TWICE ME® rescue organizations get quick access to essential information about their patients and his/her contacts.

DeepL - Translator & Dictionary

DeepL trains artificial intelligence to understand and translate texts. Try out the world's best machine translation and the largest database of human translations.

Google - Translator

Web-based free online translator (external link).

Nitro - Free PDF Reader

In order to view most available files for download from this website, you need a PDF Reader. You can download your free PDF Reader (for Windows) provided by Nitro here (external link).

WinZip - File Compression

The most popular File Compression Utility (external link).

WeTransfer - Large File Transfer

WeTransfer is a simple way to send around large files up to 2 GB. Founded in 2009, based in the Netherlands and in the USA (external link).

BitSend - Large File Transfer

BitSend does not require membership registration. It is a free, high-speed and unlimited file transfer service. Available languages: English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese (external link).

Dropbox - File Transfer & Team Working Tool

Dropbox brings your files together, in one central place. They're easy to find and safely synced across all your devices - so you can access them anytime, anywhere (external link).

ProBoards - Free Online Forums

ProBoards is the largest host of free forums on the Internet. Simple, fast and easy to use (external link).

RoboForm - Password Manager

Generate stronger passwords, store them in RoboForm to log in with a single click. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android with support for all their respective major browsers (external link).

Capterra - Software Reviews

There are no limits with the right software (external link).

G2 Crowd - Crowd-Sourced Solution Wisdom

Get unfiltered reviews from peers who use similar solutions. You no longer have to sort through vendor spin and outdated analyst reports (external link).

Time and Date - World Time Server

What's the current local time in... (external link).

GPN Global Passenger Network - Worldwide Coach Transportation

GPN is a not-for-profit network of independent motor coach operator member companies, encouraging the development of best practices, quality, safety and customer service (external link).

FlightConnections - Flight Connection Search provides an overview of all flights worldwide. Compare flights and find new possibilities when attending your next ICAR Convention or ICAR Meeting (external link).

Hopper - Smart Air Travel Booking Assistant App

Know when to fly and buy, score the lowest air fares for your next ICAR Convention or ICAR Meeting.

Skyscanner - Global Travel Search Site & App

Know when to fly and buy, score the lowest air fares for your next ICAR Convention or ICAR Meeting.

Rome2rio - How can I get from ... to ... App

Discover how to get to your next ICAR Convention or ICAR Meeting by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile (external links).

Viselio - Online Visa Application Service

Available in Austria, Germany & Switzerland for visa applications in China, Russia, India & Vietnam. Simple and without stress, at competitive pricing (external link).

Zapier - Business Card Scan & Digitalization

Overview/comparison by Zapier of some of the most useful Business Card Scanner Apps to digitalize your growing number of contacts.

United Nations - 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Adopted by 193 world leaders in September 2015 at a historic UN Summit, these goals came into effect in January 2016. What is your and your organizations contribution (external link)?

Insights - Teamwork, Employee Engagement, Leadership & Change Management

Learning and development isn't a check-box exercise. It's not just a day out of the office. It's more than team bonding or team building or a one-off event to build morale (external link).

Richard Branson - Companies Should Put Employees First

Virgin founder Richard Branson sat down with Inc. President Eric Schurenberg to find out what makes Virgin's customer service exceptional (external link).

Jack Welch - What is the Role of a Leader?

The mission of the Jack Welch Management Institute is to provide tools to become better leaders. Have a look at Jack's short video (external link).

Welcom Europe - EU Funding Programs

List of all EU Funding Programs managed by the European Commission and the EU, Eurofunding Toolbox.

EA - European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law

The European Knowledge Network. Seated in Berlin, Germany.

ICCA - International Congress and Convention Association

ICAR is listed in ICCA's Associations Portal as a verified Association, ICCA promotes and supports high quality congresses and events.

RegOnline - Web-based Event Registration

Efficient and reliable online event registration by Cvent (external link).

Happening Conferences & Events - Professional Congress Organizer PCO

Professional convention organization, smooth event operation, assuring desired quality standards, experienced upon ICAR 2015 & ICAR 2016 (external link).

AAE - Association of Association Executives

ICAR is listed in the Association of Association Executives Database (external link).

UIA - Union of International Associations

ICAR is listed in UIA's Yearbook of International Organizations (external link).

OECKL - European Institutions Directory

ICAR is listed in OECKL's European Institutions Directory (external link). - Clipart Attribution

Cliparts used on this website are provided by (external link).