Topograph Media

Producer and provider of our ICAR Video Library and social media postings (external links).

ICAR Interpreters

Our experienced team, very familiar with the ICAR vocabulary, is engaged at our conventions: Linda Rothenberg (lead), Livia Bartels, Hans-Martin Jörimann, Jana Marchesi and Marie-Louise Orler.

ISSW International Snow Science Workshop

Links to the ISSW Databases (external links).

Felix Meier / Avalanche Transceivers

Website of our ICAR Honorary Member (external link).

Nitro PDF Reader

In order to view most available files for download from this website you need a PDF Reader. You can download your free PDF Reader (for Windows) provided by Nitro here (external link).

Clipart Attribution

Cliparts used on this website are provided by (external link).

Happening Creative

Professional convention organization, smooth event operation, assuring desired quality standards (external link).

RegOnline by Lanyon

Efficient web-based event registration processing (external link).

Google Translator

Web-based free online translator (external link).

ICCA International Congress and Convention Association

ICAR is listed in ICCA's Associations Portal as a verified Association (external link).

AAE Association of Association Executives

ICAR is listed in the Association of Association Executives Database (external link).

UIA Union of International Associations

ICAR is listed in UIA's Yearbook of International Organizations (external link).

OECKL Online Directory

ICAR is listed in OECKL's European Institutions Directory (external link).