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2022 - Minutes of the Subcommission Doghandlers

19 Nov 2022

Dog Handlers - ARS

The following topics where discussed:

  • Board Activities; Marcel Meier

  • Norwegian S+R Dog New Certification programme; Tor Monson

  • EU program for USAR team in Croatia; Knut Skar

  • Barking back alert; Philipp Imboden Switzerland KWRO

  • Austrian Rockfall Incident 9/6/22; Martin Gurdet ÖBRD

  • Trends in changes in callout; Rob Grange LDMRSD

  • Accidents and incidents to Dogs in SR work or training; Thora (Iceland) Criteria

  • Water Search with a Cadaver Dog Jorgen Modin (Swedish police)

  • Learning from Mistakes; David Benson

  • Modern dog training in Search and rescue GOPR; Patryk Czemak

  • Earthquake in Croitia 2020;Josip Cranic

  • Le Devants de Naye Avalanche ;Claude Gauvillet ARS “A Story of Challenges”

  • WASATCH Backcountry Rescue Utah 21-22; Marguerite Van Kommen

  • International Drone Working Group (IDWG)

  • Cell Phone Tracking

  • New system for training Avalanche Dogs; Marcel Meier

  • Working together with others; KWRO Philipp Imboden

  • A weekend of Cardiac events; Andrezej Gorka

  • Three hikers Stuck in Avalanche Terrain; Andre Gorka and Martin Jozefowic TOPR

  • Why choose me!; Marco Terrani

  • Search operation with dog; Mani