2021 virtual Assembly of Delegates - INVITATION & AGENDA


We are pleased to invite you to participate to the 72nd ICAR Assembly of Delegates. The Assembly of Delegates will be held virtually on October 23rd, 2021 from 7 to 9:30pm - CET. Click to read more.


To ease the process and guarantee the legality of the votes, only one delegate per member organization will get an access to join the Assembly.

In order to be able to invite the designated delegate of each member organization, we kindly ask you to fill in the attached registration form and send it to the ICAR office by September 30th, 2021. Please note that registration will close on October 21st at midnight Central Europen time.

Designated delegates from member organizations A, B1 and B2 will then receive, by email, individual logins to participate and vote to the virtual Assembly of Delegates.

All other designated delegates will then receive, by email, a non-voting login to attend virtually the Assembly of Delegates.

Please find hereafter, to download:

  • the invitation
  • the agenda
  • the detailed agenda (minute by minute)
  • a pack of all annexes
  • individual annexes

2021 AOD-agenda item 12_1_overview of future congresses (pdf, 77.13 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 12_HRT letter to Assembly for hosting 2024 (pdf, 180.31 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 13_ICAR-Bylaws-changes-DOG-2021 (pdf, 190.35 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 13_ICAR-Organization-rules-changes-DOG-2021 (pdf, 85.66 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 13_Statutes updates_intro & explanations_06.10.2021 (pdf, 427.70 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 16_ICAR Budget (pdf, 488.90 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 17_2021 Draft Covid 19 pandemic ICAR recommendations (pdf, 139.67 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 17_2021 Draft ICAR Suspension syndrome recommendation  (pdf, 142.69 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 17_DRAFT ICAR hypothermia revised swiss staging recommendation 2021 (pdf, 213.64 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 17_Recommendation-Draft-Ter-RECxxxx(21.07.2021) (pdf, 473.86 Kb)
2021 AOD-agenda item 18_Email dated 22.10.2021 from Mr. Odd Staurset re International mountain rescue day (pdf, 26.88 Kb)
2021 AoD-agenda item 18_International Mountain Rescue Day_Proposal to ICAR (1) (pdf, 481.89 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 3_20191012-ICAR_Minutes_of_the_Assembly_of_Delegates_2019_Zakopane_Poland (pdf, 1.18 Mb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 4_Air Rescue Commission Annual Report to Delegates (pdf, 822.07 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 4_AVACommissionReport 2021 (pdf, 522.83 Kb)
2021 AOD-agenda item 4_Dog Sub-Commission Annual report to Delegates (pdf, 39.81 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 4_Medical Commission Annual Report to Delegates (pdf, 82.57 Kb)
2021 AOD-agenda item 4_Terrestrial commission Annual report to Delegates 2020-2021 (pdf, 104.25 Kb)
2021 AOD_agenda item 5_Strategic Plan Report to AoD 2021-10-23 (pdf, 1.63 Mb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 6.1_Income statement and balance sheet 2019 & 2020 (pdf, 861.58 Kb)
2021 AOD-agenda item 6.2_2019 Auditors' report (pdf, 497.49 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 6.2_2020 Auditors report_20.07.2021 (pdf, 49.44 Kb)
2021 AOD-Agenda item 6.4_Membership payments 2021 (pdf, 450.26 Kb)
2021 AOD-agenda item 9.1_ICAR Montreux 2022 organizing commitee (pdf, 1.04 Mb)
2021 AoD-detailed agenda_FINAL(22.10.2021) (pdf, 37.39 Kb)
2021 AOD Pack of annexes FINAL(22.10.2021 (pdf, 9.48 Mb)
ICAR_2021 AoD_AGENDA (28.09.2021) (pdf, 483.44 Kb)
ICAR 2021 AoD - delegate REGISTRATION Form (23.09.2021) (docx, 1.04 Mb)
ICAR 2021 AoD - delegate REGISTRATION Form (23.09.2021) (pdf, 422.51 Kb)
ICAR_virtual AoD 2021_INVITATION (23.09.2021) (pdf, 477.93 Kb)
IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO READ BEFORE THE ICAR 2021 virtual Assembly of Delegates (pdf, 1.61 Mb)