ICAR 2020 Virtual Event Minutes

Video Presentations of the ICAR 2020 Virtual Event, click to access...

TAS becomes MND Safety

October 2020, our ICAR Supporting Partner / Manufacturer & Retail Service Provider TAS has changed the trade name, it's MND Safety now, click to access...

ICAR Partnership Renewal by PETZL

On September 24, 2020 a Delegation of the ICAR Executive Board met with key Representatives of PETZL in Grenoble, France to successfully renew the long lasting ICAR Partnership (external link).

Be Cautious with Malicious Incoming E-Mails

September 16, 2020. Click for details...

New ICAR Member: SEMAM Sociedad Española de Medicina y Auxilio en Montaña

August 2020, the ICAR Executive Board approves C-type membership at its meeting BOA 2020-03 (external link).