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The ICAR family continues to grow - a warm welcome to MONTURA

16 May 2023

Montura logo

"Montura is a relatively young Italian company, but in a short time it has become a reference for outdoor clothing with high technical content, where comfort and versatility are required, combined with a high level of performance and safety.

"Since the beginning, there has been great attention given to the development of products for professionals, such as mountain rescue operators, mountain guides, helicopter rescue operators, members of the Armed Forces, and in many other areas, arriving to create, in the early 2000s, a dedicated line. This is how the Montura Workframe division was born, first of all, by being formed by qualified, certified people with many years of experience operating in those particular sectors. We have always worked closely with these organizations to understand their needs and develop the product based on experience gained in the field".

Edoardo Civiero

Marketing Manager | Montura S.r.l.