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ICAR AirCom Whitepaper “HEMS and HEC Programs Operating in the Vicinity of Paragliders and BASE Jumpers” - Comment Period Open

02 Apr 2023

Paraglider rescue from Snohomish Cty SAR USA

The increase in paraglider and BASE jumping activity brings with it a greater awareness within and between Helicopter Emergency Management System (HEMS) and Human External Cargo (HEC) helicopter rescue programs and the communities of paraglider pilots and BASE jumpers.  A further need exists for rescue programs to understand the many nuances of rescues of paragliders and BASE jumpers in the complicated terrain and circumstances in which their accidents and incidents occur.

The ICAR Air Rescue Commission (AirCom) has developed a DRAFT whitepaper that defines human gliding activities and the hazards that these activities create for both the helicopter rescue communities and the glider pilots themselves. 

The AirCom asks ICAR helicopter rescue members in particular, and the global rescue community in general to review and offer comments during an open comment period.

The DRAFT attached whitepaper can be found at the ICAR website, and comments can be made to the principal author of the paper, ICAR AirCom President Charley Shimanski, at air.rescue(at)