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TERCOM - Call for Presentations and Participation on Workshops - Toblach 2023

07 Jul 2023

Drei Zinnen

Dear Delegates!

For the commission meetings of the commission for terrestrial rescue on Thursday afternoon and on Friday we are looking for interested speakers on topics that are suitable to increase the safety of our trainings and rescueoperations.

The main topic for this year is “Mountain Rescue: Mobility, Location, Links and Liaisons”. For more information please use the link in the link list below.

The joint session on Saturday will be on “Climate Change and the Impact on Mountain Rescue”. For this day we are looking for good presentations about accidents and rescue operations whose causes can be seen in climate change.

Please send us your presentation proposals with the attached abstract form by August 7 at the latest!We will review the submitted proposals for presentations and select the most suitable ones. We will inform the selected speakers by the beginning of September.


ATTENTION - There will be some changes on the practical day this year:


On Practical Day the Terrestrial Rescue Commission will offer four different workshops, each of which will take up to 3 hours. Two workshops will take place simultaneously in the morning and two in the afternoon.

The following workshops will take place in the morning:

- Mountain rescue vehicles and the different solutions.
Here especially our European members are asked to present us their vehicles and their solutions.

- Bolts and glued in pitons
In this workshop we will look at the possibilities and risks of using them


In the afternoon the following workshops will take place- Anchor Systems

- rigging up of an anchor system
The members are asked to show us the systems they use (Load sharing or load distributing between anchors....). We want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with each other.

- Working analog to the TERCOM Recommendation No. 5 - Two tensioned rope systems
Our TERCOM Recommendation No. 5 (Link in the Link list below) recommends that both ropes should be equally loaded when ascending and descending. For safety reasons, this is a complete other working then the previous procedure of using one rope as main rope and one as a belay rope. The delegates of our members are asked to show us their solutions in this context. Here, too, we want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions.

All our delegations of our members are invited to present their solutions and working methods within the framework of these workshops on the given topics. We want to learn from each other and support each other in the further development of our working methods.

We will discuss the shown topics in 4 identical working groups on Thursday morning and present the results on Thursday at the beginning of the afternoon session.

We would like to ask you to actively participate. It is up to your activity and your willingness to work here together to make this Practical Day and the following discussions successful.

Please send your proposal and the abstract form to terrestrial(at)


If you have any questions, you can always contact Gebhard by mail ( or by his phone number (+436643336216).With best regardsTerrestrial Rescue Commission

We still want to remind you about the registration for our Congress. If you haven't done so yet, please do so urgently in order to take advantage of the Early Bird discount. You can find the registration link and information below.

Gebhard Barbisch

Kirk Mauthner
Vice President