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Testperiod for New Search Systems in the Field

14 Oct 2006

Avalanche Rescue

The Commission for Avalanche Rescue of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue has adopted the following recommendation:

ICAR-CISA-IKAR recommends to manufacturers not to involve official rescue teams or other institutions for testing new search systems before the following requirements are satisfied:

“PROTOTYPE Start - guidelines for new search systems for the search of avalanche victims buried without transponder or transceiver” (test period for new search systems in the field)

  • Weight
    less than 12 kg (later in use less than 6 kg)

  • Size

  • Independent operating time
    5 hours (at minus 20° C)

  • Usable from helicopter and/or terrestrial
    Speed: 100 m2/min

  • Snow density from
    100 kg/m3 until 600 kg/m3

  • Snow humidity from dry to wet snow
    0 % to 4% free water

  • Air temperature from
    plus 25° C to minus 30° C

  • Air humidity from
    0 % to 100 %

  • Dust- and waterproof in conformance with

  • Minimum range in air and in snow cover
    20 m

  • People alive and deceased
    plus 37° C to minus 10° C

  • Different signals for e.g. stones, rock, wood and for bodies

  • At least one measurement per second

  • At least 1 visual or acoustic result/signal available per second

  • No radiation dangerous to buried victims, rescuers and search team

  • Handling without (electronic) engineering knowledge

  • Handling with (winter-)gloves must be possible

  • Screen readable in sunshine

  • Compatible with the applicable European Standards .

    Agreed upon in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia on October 14, 2006.