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2023 - Minutes of our Terrestrial Rescue Commission Presentations - Friday

11 Dec 2023

Rescue Vehicles

Here is an overview of the presentations - for more information please see the attached minutes and presentations. If you cannot find a given presentation here, please contact the president of the Terrestrial Rescue Commission.
  • What are the ICAR community expectations regarding de popping up of new technologies-based tools:
    -  Mobile phones detection systems
    -  Mission management applications 
    -  Onboard embarqued new devices
    How can we, ICAR, work out requirements specifications and put our operational experience to support an efficient development of this tools, adapted to the needs of the rescue teams?
    Renaud Guillermet / AIRCOM

  • Dyneema Incident at Swinica in February 2023 – Andrzeij Marasek, Andzey Gorka / TOPR

  • Lost person behaviour – Robert Köster/MRA

  • Interdisciplinary Drone Workgroup – Development of proposal for presentation Saturday (Dr. Will Smith, Chair, ICAR interdisc. Drone WG) (Follow-up session to develop recommendations for next steps)
    - Best Practices for Deconflicting UAS/Drones in SAR Operations

  • Legal principles of qualification of products as medical devices – Paul Pisconi EU, Head of MDRG - Nathalie Hölzl

  • A revolution in prevention of asphyxia in avalanche burial? The SAFEBACK study, Giacomo Strapazzon / EURAC

  • Next avalanche survival curve, Hermann Brugger & Simon Rauch / EURAC

  • First RESponder-Centered support toolkit for operating in adverse and infrastructureless EnviRonments – The case of mountain rescue scenario – Vassileios Dovas/HRT

  • Climbing Ropes – do diameters matter? – Stefan Blochum – Bergwacht Bayern

  • The importance of stay flexible – Analysis of a complicated rescue operation – Andrea Dotta – Swiss Alpine Rescue

  • Liaison – Collaborative Efforts of Central European Alpine Rescue Service – Martin Gurdet/ÖBRD, Tobias Vogl/BWB, Thomas Mair (Bergrettung Südtirol), Harald Frenner (C.N.S.A.S. Südtirol )