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2023 - Minutes of our Terrestrial Rescue Commission Presentations - Saturday

12 Dec 2023

Ajut - Alpin

Here is an overview of the presentations - for more information please see the attached minutes and presentations. If you cannot find a given presentation here, please contact the president of the Terrestrial Rescue Commission.
  • High Altitude Rescue Paper – Development session – Kyle McLaughlin/MedCom

  • Interdisciplinary Drone Workgroup (IDWG) Reprot out of the practical day and the discussion during the conference - Will Smith / Chair of IDWG

  • What are the ICAR community expectations regarding the popping up of new technologies-based tools? Summary of our Workshop and Panel Discussion (Renauld Guilermet / AIRCOM)

  • Mountain Rescue on Fire?! – Stefan Blochum – Bergwacht Bayern (TERCOM)

  • Mountain Events in Hot weather – John Ellerton / MedCom & Darryl Macias / UNM- IMMC 

  • Complex Rescue from Glacier des Bosson – Implications of Climate Chance – P. Boric FrenchGroup (TERCOM)

  • Marmolata Glacier Accident – Simon Rauch and Giacomo Strapazzon / MedCom