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ICAR Termination of Resuscitation in Mountain Rescue updated Recommendations

21 Dec 2023

Medical Treatment

These ICAR recommendations are designed for rescuers operating at a Basic Life Sup- port (BLS) level. They aim to help mountain rescuers in decision making* on whether to start, withhold or terminate CPR in a variety of situations encountered in mountain rescue. The full ICAR MedCom paper is available at: xxxx.

Recommendations have a grade (ie 1B) for the evidence underlying the statement. The American College of Chest Physicians grading system is used. This measures the im- portance of the recommendation and strength of the supporting evidence. (Table 1) 1A is the highest grade; 2C is a weak and poorly evidenced recommendation.

* Decision making maybe prescribed by national, regional or organisational rules and these are likely to take priority over ICAR recommendations where conflict occurs. Medical directors of mountain rescue teams should consider creating local protocols for termination of resuscitation in traumatic cardiac arrest bearing in mind that current urb- an guidelines consider terminating CPR if the transport time is greater than 15 minutes.


For detailed information please download the file below!