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ICAR Mission

10 Feb 2024


ICAR provides a platform for mountain rescue and related organizations to disseminate knowledge with the prime goal of improving mountain rescue services and their safety.
ICAR is an independent, worldwide organization that respects its members and promotes international cooperation.

International Mountain Rescue:

  • ICAR was founded in 1948 to bring together and support mountain rescue and related organizations with similar interests. ICAR respects the countries with their individual mountain rescue organizations. It is a platform for the international community of mountain rescue services.

  • ICAR is a worldwide open forum for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and know-how in mountain rescue. ICAR promotes safety and accident prevention in mountain rescue.

  • ICAR facilitates a common interest of all member organizations.

  • ICAR is an independent entity and open to all, independent of gender, age, religion, or provenance. Its members show mutual respect and tolerance.


  • ICAR issues recommendations to its members about mountain rescue and the prevention of accidents. ICAR collaboratively produces, develops, and disseminates information (for example recommendations, guidelines, statements) to provide our members with best practice in mountain rescue.

  • The safety, physical and emotional well-being of mountain rescuers persons is the most important goal of ICAR. ICAR promotes interaction and cooperation with likeminded organizations that are not members of ICAR.

  • ICAR is politically neutral. It is committed to its members but lets them form its relationships with political entities themselves.

  • ICAR facilitates the exchange of information and provides free access to mountain rescue organizations.

  • ICAR needs to be financial sustainable and should grow in line with a strategic plan which considers quality in terms of engagement.


January 2024