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The ICAR family continues to grow - a warm welcome to ARVA

15 Jun 2024


ARVA has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing snow safety equipment worldwide for many years.

As we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2025,  we are delighted to announce that we are joining CISA ICAR as a Partner.


This collaboration has become obvious and logical.


While our mission is to guarantee the highest standards of safety with our avalanche transceivers and AIRBAGS, we have always worked closely with professionals in many countries: mountain guides, rescuers,  army, ski instructors...

We have an entire range dedicated to professionals, with specific functionalities. For example, a ski patroller who wears his AIRBAG more than 120 days a season needs to be able to count on equipment that is resistant, comfortable, and functional in case of emergency.

Our product managers are experts in mountain safety because they work alongside professionals on a daily basis and because they spend their free time into the mountains.

We are grateful for the contribution of the CISA IKAR community over the years and are proud to become a Supporting Partner.

See you in Thessaloniki, Greece, with the ARVA family!


Export Manager