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The ICAR family continues to grow - a warm welcome to IMMOOS

26 Jun 2024


We have been a qualified partner in cable car evacuation technology since 1997.

More and more satisfied customers in the industry benefit from the products and services of oue family-owned company

Immoos was founded in 1997 in Oberarth in the heart of Central Switzerland and laid the foundation for their successful evacuation systems in the same year.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our expertise – a large part of our team consists of cable car industry specialists – we have since launched numerous products and services. They are constantly being developed further and are used in over 60 countries worldwide.

With the SS1 cable carriage, we have succeeded in revolutionizing cable car evacuation in the long term.

Manufacturers and operators of cable cars and their rescue teams come to us with major challenges – and we take them on with passion. Our expert team is constantly seeking and developing new solutions. As a result, we are now a direct, ISO-certified contact for manufacturers, installation operators as well as rescue teams, providing them with holistic advice, support and assistance in the field of evacuation technology.

As a proud partner of ICAR, we are excited to enhance our support for the global rescue community. This partnership allows us to actively contribute to advancements in rescue techniques and technologies, with a particular focus on cable car evacuations, thereby strengthening the safety and efficiency of mountain rescue operations.