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Organization of Mountain Rescue

10 Oct 2007

Avalanche Probe Line

Board Recommendation 0002 of ICAR

of October 10, 2007


about the Organization of Mountain Rescue

The Assembly of Delegates of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue, having regard to the goals of ICAR,

1. In order to succeed in an emergency, mountain rescue organizations must meet minimal quality requirements in every respect.

2. The reputation of mountain rescue is established by its efficiency and by its outward appearance.

3. A mountain rescue organization must fulfill minimal requirements in order to become a member of ICAR.

Has adopted the following recommendations:

1. The mountain rescue organizations with their active rescue personnel provide rescue service in alpine and impassable terrain.

2. A mountain rescue organization shall cover the following areas:

2.1  The organization’s objective, tasks and areas of activity shall be recorded in its bylaws.

2.2  The relationship with the authorities and other rescue organizations must be clearly defined. A good cooperation with government institutions and partners in the rescue service is to be striven for.

2.3  The minimal requirements for the rescue personnel are to be stipulated. The training program shall define the necessary modules as well as the means of performance review. The recommendation REC V 0003 serves as a basis for the training of mountain rescuers.

2.4  All suitable measures are to be taken to minimize the risk of the rescue personnel.

2.5  Suitable incident plans must be available which conform to the activities and the area of responsibility of the rescue organization.

2.6  According to the requirements of the area of responsibility, up-to-date technical equipment must be available.

2.7  Administratively, finance, personnel and insurance aspects must be covered.

2.8  Media relations, in particular the media interface in case of rescue operations must be defined.


3.  Mountain rescue service can be rendered full-time or part-time, as well as on a voluntary basis.

4.   The mountain rescue organizations keep organization, rescue personnel, training, equipment, and technique up-to-date. They are open to reforms, which are suitable to improve their efficiency and the safety of their operations.

5. Sufficient attention is to be given to the exchange of information with other organizations. ICAR’s platform is to be used. New insights as acquired within ICAR are to be applied by the member organizations.

6. ICAR can issue more extensive recommendations for individual areas.

The current members of ICAR that provide mountain rescue are required to implement these guidelines within two years of the passing of this recommendation by the Assembly of Delegates.

For new members, there is a grace period of two years from the date of admission to ICAR. Passed in Pontresina on October 20, 2007.


The President      The Secretarty

Toni Grab              Felix Meier