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The Use of Extrication Devices in Crevasse Accidents

21 Sep 2008

Crevasse rescue


Injured patients in crevasses who are suspected of having sustained spinal injuries should ideally be extricated after being immobilized in a horizontal position on a stretcher and having a cervical collar applied. Sometimes, however, horizontal stabilization is not possible, because the crevasse is too narrow, and the patient needs to be stabilized in a vertical position. In such cases an extrication device can be a useful adjunct. The Kendrick Extrication DeviceTM stabilizes the position of the body and maintains firm support of the head, neck and torso. Therefore, the International Commission for Mountain Emergency Medicine - ICAR MEDCOM - supports the use of this device in narrow crevasses, if horizontal evacuation is not possible.


Emergency Medicine, Extrication device, Crevasse accidents, Mountain rescue, Spinal injuries, KED, Kendrick Extrication Device.


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