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Best Practices for Avalanche Safety Programs

10 Oct 2008

Avalanche Rescue - Probe Line

The commission for avalanche rescue of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue,

Having regard to a survey of avalanche safety issues, programs and practices in ICAR countries,


  1. money, resources, know how to improve our SAR programs are a common need.

  2. awareness, sharing of avalanche safety programs and ideas between countries should be facilitated.

  3. ICAR best practice shall become a benchmark for avalanche safety programs.

Has adopted the following recommendation:

  1. A credible professional institution issues scheduled avalanche forecasts for popular winter mountain recreation areas.

  2. Avalanche training courses for non-professionals are readily available.

  3. Comprehensive programs protect highly used public places from avalanches.

  4. Avalanche professionals require specialized training / credentials / possible certifications.

  5. Organized avalanche rescue services with appropriate equipment exist for all avalanche prone areas of the country.

This recommendation has been proposed by the Avalanche Commission at its meeting in Chamonix (France) on October 9, 2008. It is subject to consultation with the members and after revisions shall be adopted by the General Assembly 2009.