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Systems in Mountain Rescue - TERCOM Recommendation Nr. 9

07 Oct 2014

Practical Day 2012 Krynica Polen


Systems in Mountain Rescue


Systems are assemblies from individual components that have been developed for clearly defined purposes.
These systems provide functional solutions for practical use in moutain rescue.
If a system contains components that are relevant to safety, but are not covered by technical standards nor legal guidelines, or if those standards and rules are not followed, then an analysis of the entire system must be done.

The system documentation (system data, rules and regulations, user manual, interface definitions, risk analysis, test setups etc.) are to be examined by an independent testing agency. The examination may also comprise practical tests.

The testing agency should preferably be contracted by the manufacturer or by the entity bringing the product to the market. If so, the product liablity remains with the manufacturer, and they are responsible for the integration of the test results.

Later modifications to the system require a re-examination by the testing agency.

The rescue organzations, being the users of the system, are responsible for correct implementation of the instructions and for correct use of the system.