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Requirements for ICAR Members Type B

21 Oct 2017

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Requirements for ICAR Members Type B

20171021-BOA-REC0004 Executive Board Recommendation

The Assembly of Delegates of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR), having regard to the following, whereas:

  1. Type B members are alpinist associations, academic institutions or organizations that cover parts of mountain rescue, but have regional rather than national importance.

  2. Type B members do have a substantial interest in good mountain rescue performance.

  3. Type B members are often outsourcing rescue activities to special organizations or government institutions. This, however, does not void their duties to support the rescue organizations.

Has adopted the following recommendations:

1. Type B members may support national rescue organizations (Type A members) for organization issues as per recommendation BOA-REC0002 [1] in the following areas:

1.1.  Obtaining a special status for mountain rescue organizations, e.g. government approval or recognition as a humanitarian organization, in order to open new sources of financing.

1.2.  Cooperation in mountain rescue missions, if the resources of a type A member are insufficient.

1.3. Setting up and maintaining infrastructure, such as emergency 1/2 call boxes, shelters or equipment caches. For emergency calls, a countrywide unified system is to be preferred.

1.4. First and protective aid in the mountains, until the arrival of mountain rescue, and logistic support to mountain rescue.

1.5. Administration and organization work.

2. Type B members may support national rescue organizations (Type A members) for training and education issues as per recommendation BOA-REC0003 [2] in the following areas:

2.1. Prevention of accidents in mountain terrain.

2.2. Elaboration of teaching material for education and prevention.

2.3. Basic rescue training for leaders in all alpine disciplines, in order to facilitate an efficient cooperation between the leaders and the rescue organizations.

2.4. Training alpinists and leaders in all alpine disciplines for self- rescue techniques.

2.5. Basic training of their members in all alpine disciplines, as a foundation for later training for service in mountain rescue.

[1] BOA-REC0002 Organization of Mountain Rescue
[2] BOA-REC0003 Training of Mountain Rescuers