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Minimum Requirements for ICAR Membership

21 Oct 2017

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Minimum Requirements for ICAR Members

20171021-BOA-REC0005 Executive Board Recommendation

The Assembly of Delegates of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR), having a regard to the goals set forth by the bylaws:

  1. Whereas ICAR member organizations should have some relation with alpine rescue.

  2. Whereas ICAR member organizations should have a substantial interest in alpine rescue.

Having a regard to:

ICAR is striving to maintain a minimum level of proficiency among its members.

Has adopted the following recommendation:

  1. Category A members shall cover all aspects of mountain rescue, i.e. terrestrial, aerial, avalanche rescue - all including medical aspects and treatment, if necessary; and have national importance.

  2. Category B members shall cover at least one of the above mentioned aspects, or represent some other organization with a substantial interest in mountain rescue; and are of regional importance.

  3. Category C members shall have some relations to alpine rescue or do not currently meet the requirements of category A or B membership.

  4. Category A and B members should have been active for at least five 1/2 years before applying for ICAR membership.

  1. Applications shall include information about

    • Complete contact information (ICAR membership application form)

    • Legal status

    • Bylaws (articles of incorporation)

    • Activities (types of rescue, number of active members, rescue

      stations, statistics about activities in recent years)

    • Approval by national political authorities

    • Financial report

    • Partnerships/cooperation with other organizations involved in

      mountain rescue

    • Rescue training programs

    • Qualifications required for rescuer

    • Available equipment (technical items, vehicles etc.)

    • Accident prevention activities in recent years

    • Compliance with ICAR recommendations BOA-REC0002 and BOA-REC0003

    • Possible recommendations/references from other ICAR members

    • Other rescue organizations with similar activities in the same area

  2. The application shall be submitted in one of the ICAR languages, i.e. English, French or German.

  3. The application shall be submitted to the ICAR Office no later than May 31st for an approval in the same year.

  4. The ICAR Executive Board may grant exceptions from these requirements.