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Guidelines for Presentations at ICAR Conventions

12 Jan 2019

Meeting Room - 2013 Croatia Bol Elaphusa Conference

When preparing presentations for the ICAR congress, please consider the following:

  1. Make sure you know the main issues: - What is my message?
    - Who is my audience?

  2. Observe the allocated time: Your talk should only take 2/3 of the time allocated to your presentation; the rest goes for the introduction and for questions from the audience.

  3. Presentation Documentation (PowerPoint or other) should be in English.

  4. In order to be compliant with the current General Data Protection Regulation, public person’s or patient’s faces require to be covered/pixeled so that they cannot be identified.

  5. Use large fonts. Use colors that make a good contrast between text and background.

  6. If you must use formulas, keep them as simple as possible.

  7. Do not use cryptic abbreviations.

  8. Talk slowly to allow the audience to be able to follow.

  9. Use English, German or French to deliver your talk. If your command of any of these is not enough, engage somebody else to deliver your talk.

  10. Your PowerPoint (or other) file should be installed on the Laptop/PC in the presentation room at least half a day before your talk. No last minute loading!

  11. If you need special facilities (video, audio), test them early.