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Be searchable!

24 Jan 2015

Recommendation for people who travel for work or pleasure in the mountains:

By increasing visibility and detectability, leaving details of your intentions you help your companions and rescuers to find you. For this purpose, carry equipment appropriate for the conditions and area. This minimizes the time to find you and reduces the exposure of your rescuers to danger.

In snow sports outside of developed areas (e.g. snowshoeing, ski touring, out of bounds skiing, snowmobiling etc.), it is highly recommended that you carry a transceiver, probe and shovel. This equipment facilitates immediate companion rescue.

These are examples of devices which make you searchable:

  • Reflective materials

  • Lamps

  • Whistle

  • RECCO reflector

  • Transceiver, probe, shovel

  • Mobile, satellite phone

  • Satellite emergency notification devices

  • Radio