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Executive Board

23 Jul 2020

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ICAR Board members are nominated by an ICAR member organization. The ICAR Assembly of Delegates elects the ICAR Board for a 4-year period. Board members may be re-elected twice for the same role. If an ICAR Board member takes on a new role, the 4-year period starts anew.

The ICAR Board consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Presidents of the Technical Commissions and up to 5 Assessors. The ICAR Board members are elected as individuals and for a specific role.

The ICAR Board carries out its assigned duties and work according to its own business agenda. It is responsible for all business that is not assigned to other organizational bodies. ICAR Board members do their work on a voluntary basis and do not get any compensation, except for the reimbursement of direct expenses. The organization of the duties of the ICAR Board are defined in a separate document (ICAR-BOA Organization Rules).

The ICAR Board usually meets end of January (spring), end of August (fall) and during the annual ICAR convention in October.