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The Layout for ICAR Recommendations

06 Oct 2001


October 6th, 2001

The board of the international commission for Alpine rescue, having regard to the goals set forth by the board

  1. whereas the recommendations of ICAR and of its technical commissions shall contribute towards a high standard in Alpine rescue.

  2. whereas the recommendations shall be unified in their appearance.

  3. whereas the recommendations shall be classified in a unified manner.

  4. whereas the recommendations shall be accessible to a large public.

Has adopted the following recommendation:

  1. This recommendation applies to all recommendations issued by ICAR and by its technical commissions.

  2. The recommendations shall make accessible to the large public the technical know-how available within ICAR.

  3. The recommendation shall be easily understandable and shall be kept as compact as possible.

  4. This recommendation is itself an example for the layout of a recommendation.

  5. Neu recommendations shall be edited starting from this MS-Word® document.

  6. Master files with the appropriate logos will be made available for the recommendations of the technical commissions.

  7. The master files may be obtained from the ICAR web master.

  8. The layout, the fonts and their attributes must not deviate from the ones used in the master file.

  9. This recommendation only affects the cover sheet, which must be produced for every recommendation.

  1. For further explanations and detailed information, additional pages may be added to a recommendation On the additional pages, the layout elements from the cover sheet are to be used to the maximum extent possible.

  2. If the layout is done on A4 format, the last 2 Centimeters of the writable space shall not be used, in order to keep the text printable onto US letter size paper.

  3. If the layout is done on US letter format, the writable space shall only be used up to a width of 5.75", in order to keep the text printable on A4 size paper.

  4. The recommendations shall be numbered as follows: REC_x_yyyy_z. x designates the technical commission (V = board, A = air rescue, B = terrestrial rescue, L = Avalanche rescue, M = medicine). yyyy is a continuously ascending number. It is unique within ICAR. z stands for the language (E = English, F = French, D = German).

  5. The ICAR web master shall administer the recommendations. He shall assign the ascending numbers.

  6. New recommendations are to be handed over to the web master as MS-Word® files.

  7. The web master is responsible for publishing the new recommendations on the ICAR web site in .pdf format.

Done at Makarska on October 6th, 2001 The president

Toni Grab

The secretary

Roland Meister