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First Aid Training Guidelines for Mountain Rescue Service Members

31 Dec 1996

Avalanche Rescue


It is the goal of modern mountain medicine to provide optimal treatment for injured or ill persons at the site of the accident and to transport the patients with stabilized vital functions as gently as possible. The emergency physician cannot work alone.
This paper defines the aims of medical training for mountains rescuers. It suggests minimum times for training and refresher courses.
The mountain rescuer, as a member of a rescue organization, must be able to recognize the severity of an injury or illness, initiate and continue steps necessary to maintain vital functions, and call for the right kind of rescue in order to ensure that the sick or injured person is brought gently and quickly to the receiving hospital.
In addition, each mountain rescuer and specially trained rescuer should have training in mountain medicine.
Refresher courses should be required to such an extent, that the whole first aid basic training is repeated within about 3 years, so that continuity of knowledge is achieved and any new subject that may come up can be integrated.
The national rescue organization must establish quality control in order to maintain medical standards for rescuers.


Please look at the attached file for the complete recommendation!