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President of the Dog-Handlers Sub-Commission

13 Oct 2022

Marcel Meier

  • Born 1958, married, father of twins
  • Apprenticeship as civil engineering draftsman
  • Apprenticeship as mason/bricklayer
  • Education at the Building School
  • Business School of the Swiss Contractors' Association
  • 1999-2017: CEO of the Contractor "Auf der Maur Betriebs AG" in Schwyz and Einsiedeln, Switzerland (110 employees)
  • Since 2017: Owner and CEO of the Construction Management Company " MM-Baumanagement GmbH" in Einsiedeln, Switzerland
  • Since 1988: Dog-Handler himself
  • Since 1992: Member of the Training Team of "ARS Alpine Rettung Schweiz"
  • Since 2001: Member of the Leader Group of the Dog-Handlers Division of " ARS Alpine Rettung Schweiz"
  • Since 2002: Instructor for Avalanche Rescue Courses in the USA
  • Since 2012: President of the ICAR Dog-Handlers Sub-Commission
  • Since 2014: Leader of the Dog-Handlers Division of "ARS Alpine Rettung Schweiz"

Contact: dog-handlers(at)

Vice-President: Knut SKAR (NRH Norwegian Search Rescue Dog Association) knut.skar(at)