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Contents of a Mountain Refuge's Pharmacy

31 Dec 1996



Unfortunate circumstances can hinder quick professional mountain help in case of accident or illness. In such a case, ill and injured persons have to be attended, sometimes for many hours, by people who just happen to be there. The refuge pharmacy should provide physicians and alpinists with whatever is essential to face such situations.

A well equipped and well maintained refuge's pharmacy is a sign of quality for the refuge. The pharmacy must be kept in a cool dry place, and protected from abuse. It should be divided in two compartments: a general compartment and a second compartment intended to be used by the physician. On the latter the following indication must be clearly written: "To be used exclusively by a physician or after telephone agreement with a physician".

The pharmacy must contain a precise list of the medicaments with information on doses and other indications. This list should, if possible, be written in several languages, and should include international names of medicaments (DCI - INN). The following indication should also figure on the list: "Use under personal responsability. Please read the directions for use". Manufacturer's leaflets must be left in the original boxes.

Regular control by a physician or a pharmacist must be guaranteed.


Please look at the attached file for the complete recommendation!