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2017 - Conference in Soldeu, Andorra - Visual Impressions

22 Oct 2017

Franz Stämpfli

Additional impressions showing moments and faces not covered yet, are most welcome. Please send them to Thank you!

ICAR 2017 Andorra Highlights Videos produced by Topograph Media, with thanks to their loyal 2017 Partners PETZL, PMI and TYROMONT.

Release Notes ICAR 2017 Andorra Highlights Videos:

Part 1 (19 minutes): Highlights of the Outdoor Demonstrations. Each section can be viewed separately on the minute:second time line indicated:

1) Stein Moller, Norwegian Alpine Rescue Group, 1:20 Super Long Line Helicopter Pick-off
2) Prof. Dr. Volker Lischke, Bergwacht and German Red Cross, 3:10 Pelvic Injury Stabilization
3) Dr. Lana Donlagic, Klinikum Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, 5:05 Suspension Trauma
4) Christoph Cabarrot, Unit Leader Bombers d'Andorra, 6:09 Search Dog Presentation
5) Laurent Arnaud, PGHM & Pierre Bertolott, CRS Instructor, 7:30 Big Wall Patient Immobilization
6) Tom Wood, US MRA, 11:15 Mono Pod in Edge Transition
7) Ennio Rizotti, CNSAS Instructor, 13:10 Big Wall Rapelling Techniques
8) Andrea Sbisa, CNSAS Instructor, 15:00 Litter Operations in Waterfalls or Caves
9) Klemen Voluntar, Slovenian Mountain Rescue Association Instructor, 17:35 Pick Off under Overhanging Rock


Part 2 (26 minutes): Selected Interviews and Presentations. Each section can be viewed separately on the minute:second time line indicated:

1) Patrick Fauchère, President ICAR-AIR Switzerland, 0:40 Air Rescue President's Report
2) Charley Shimansky, Air Rescue Delegate CO USA, 1:59 "Offset Technique" Training in Yosemite
3) Dan Halvorsen, Air Rescue Tech Advisor Norway, 5:27 Base Jumping in Norway
4) Gebhard Barbisch, President ICAR-TER Austria, 9:04 Terrestrial Rescue President's Report
5) Matthias Hofer, Climbing Guide South Tyrol Italy, 10:25 Hochferner Search in South Tyrol Italy
6) Dr Fidel Elsensohn, President ICAR-MED Austria, 13:28 Alpine Emergency Medicine President's Report
7) Dr Hermann Brugger, Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine Italy, 14:45 Suspension Trauma Research
8) Marcel Meier, President ICAR-DOG Switzerland, 17:55 Dog-Handler's Sub-Commission President's Report
9) José Javier Chamorro, LifeSeeker Spain, 18:53 Demonstration of the LifeSeeker System
10) Dr Iñigo Soteras, Chief Medical Officer Hospital de Cerdanya Spain, 22:05 Closing Day Demonstrations by the Bombers d'Andorra
11) Franz Stämpfli, ICAR President Switzerland, 23:41 Final Remarks from the ICAR President