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About ICAR Congress

01 Apr 2022

The annual ICAR Convention usually:

  • takes place in the second week of October
  • registration/convention website opens in Spring (April)
  • has a main topic (defined by the ICAR Assembly of Delegates in the preceding year)
  • starts with a pre-convention day (practical workshops out in the field), attendance optional
  • continues with 3 days of seminars inside (meetings and joint sessions of all our technical commissions TER, AVA, AIR, MED & DOG), full attendance mandatory (no partial stays possible)
  • has an exhibition area for ICAR Partners and trade exhibitors (where attendees spend their offset seminar breaks and manufacturers can meet the delegates of the attending organizations)
  • includes an informal local evening event
  • concludes with the annual ICAR Assembly of Delegates followed by a gala dinner
  • offers specially reduced airfares (official carrier and airline mobility partner agreements) to all its attendees for their travel to/from the event
  • the destination country and the hosting/organizing member organization/s are selected/decided on by the ICAR Assembly of Delegates 4 years before the event. 2 years before the event (in June) a site inspection by a delegation of the ICAR Executive Board/ICAR Office takes place and the final dates require approval by the ICAR Assembly of Delegates (in October).

Exceptions to this standard may occur.

Attending the annual ICAR Convention requires accommodation in the hotel/s offered by the local organizers, bookable via the official convention registration only.

Presentations within the technical commission meetings upon annual ICAR Conventions require prior approval of the respective ICAR Commission President. You can reach them by e-mail as follows:

Deadline for abstract submissions of presentations upon annual ICAR Conventions via e-mail to the above contacts is August 10th.

The complete and detailed convention schedule usually becomes available online end of August, after approval of the ICAR Executive Board.