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Emergency Intubation and Ventilation on the Field

31 Dec 1998



Controlled ventilation with 100% oxygen after intubation improves oxygen delivery in shock patients and offers the basis for sufficient analgesia and sedation. Thus, the incidence of secondary organ failure in shock patients can be minimized and survival rate increased. Therefore, rescue doctors with anaesthetic practice prefer early endotracheal intubation in a wide range of critically traumatized or ill patients. However, intubation attempts can lead to disastrous events, especially when unexpected serious problems arise during the procedure. Concerning emergency endotracheal intubation on the field, the rescue doctor must decide the indication by weighing up his own experience and skill with the clinical condition and possible risk factors of the patient rendering intubation more difficult. The classification into three levels of difficulty facilitates the individual decision.

The main aim is oxygenation of the patient not intubation at any price.


Please look at the attached file for the complete recommendation!