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ICAR Board - New structure

26 Jan 2022

2022 ICAR executive Board pictures & names for website (16.11.2021)

The ICAR President, Franz Stämpfli, welcomes to the ICAR Board:

  • Marie Nordgren as Vice-President
  • Stephanie Thomas as new AVA Commission President
  • Alexis Mallon as ICAR Assessor
  • Renaud Guillermet as ICAR Assessor
  • Peter Zimmer as ICAR Assessor
  • Thomas Hellrigl as ICAR Auditor

He congratulates the new board members for their elections and takes this opportunity to thank Dan Halvorsen, Dominique Létang, Claude Jacot, Dusan Polajnar and Arthur Rohregger for their work and commitment to ICAR in the last years.

He also would like to recognise the ongoing work of Markus Holzl (ICAR Treasurer), Gebhard Barbisch (TER Commission President), Charley Shimanski (AIR Commission President), John Ellerton (MED Commission President), Marcel Meier (DOG Sub-Commission President), Dr. Volker Lischke (ICAR Assessor) and Dan F. Hourihan (ICAR assessor) and congratulates them for their re-election.

The structure of the new ICAR Board can be downloaded by clicking on the attached pdf document.

The Minutes of the ICAR 72nd Assembly of Delegates can be found by clicking here.