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Vicepresident of the Executive Board

19 Oct 2022

Marie Nordgren

Delegate from SVEFRO Elected at our Assembly of Delegates on October 2021

Marie Nordgren, born in 1959, lives in Sweden in the city of Östersund situated in the middle of Sweden close to the Swedish mountain range. Marie has been attending ICAR since 2005 when she joined ICAR Med Com where she represents the Swedish Mountain rescue Organization (SVEFRO).

Marie is a registered anesthesia nurse and prehospital medical care practitioner. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing care. Marie works at the hospital of Östersund.

Prior to, and alongside her hospital career, Marie worked as a full-time ski patroller from 1983 until 1998 and thereafter part time.

Since 1983 Marie has been involved in the Swedish Mountain Rescue services. Marie was responsible for the Swedish ski patrol training for more than 30 years. Marie also works with first-aid training for the Swedish Maritime Administration 

Besides her Vice President position in ICAR, Marie has been the President of the International Ski Patrol Organization (FIPS) since 2022. Within FIPS Marie has done international work on questions regarding ski patrolling for more than 35 years.

“To become the Vice President of ICAR in 2021 was a great honor. To be able to work with mountain rescuers from all over the world is a great privilege. Exchange of experiences and connections to rescuers from continents around the globe is very inspiring. All of us have so much in common, we all work in very remote locations doing our best to save lives in the mountains. My hope is that my 40+ years of national and international experience and knowledge of mountain rescue will help ICAR to a continuous prosperity.