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2022 - Minutes of our Terrestrial Rescue Commission Internal Adminstration Meeting

20 Nov 2022

Montreux 2022

Here is an overview of the items discussed - for more information please see the attached minutes:

  1. Welcome 
  2. Distribution of Voting Cards
  3. Activities with other Organizations: Forum instead of a List
  4. List of Delegates
  5. Minute of Silence for Colleagues who have passed (Perhaps a short explanation of the dynamics of the accident)
  6. Minutes of Zakopane and the two virtual conferences
  7. Information from ICAR-Board and the Technical Commitee
  8. Informationen von UIAA Safecom
  9. New members – Please prepare short presentation if possible
  10. ICAR Recommendations - Review (Terrestrial Rescue)
  11. Petitions to the Commission
  12. Petitions to the Board
  13. Main Topic - 2023 – Proposal
  14. Verschiedenes / Miscellaneous
    14a: Engagement of delegates and Members
    14b: Future of IKAR: