ICAR Assembly of Delegates 2021 / Elections


The 72nd assembly is expected to take place virtially on October 23, 2021. It will include the postponed ordinary elections (originally scheduled for 2020). Click for more details...

Please consult the ICAR Bylaws for detailed election regulations. Nominations (by ICAR Member organizations only) should be addressed in written (via e-mail to office@alpine-rescue.org) to the ICAR President. The deadline for such nominations is July 23, 2021 (3 months before the assembly). The ordinary elections 2021 include the following positions (all valid nominations received so far are listed):

ICAR President

  • Franz Stämpfli (ARS) > available for re-election

ICAR Vice-President

  • Dan Halvorsen (Norway) > end of maximum terms > replacement needed
  • Marie Nordgren (SVEFRO) > nomination received

ICAR Treasurer

  • Markus Hölzl (BWB) > available for re-election

ICAR TER Commission President

  • Gebhard Barbisch (ÖBRD) > available for re-election

ICAR AVA Commission President

  • Dominique Létang (ANENA) > end of maximum terms > replacement needed
  • Stephanie Thomas (TCSAR) > endorsement received
  • Lukas Ruetz (ÖBRD) > nomination received

ICAR AIR Commission President

  • Charley Shimanski (MRA) > available for re-election

ICAR MED Commission President

  • John Ellerton (MREW) > available for re-election

ICAR Assessors 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

  • Claude Jacot (France) > end of maximum terms > replacement needed

Available for re-election:

  • Dan F. Hourihan (MRA)
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Lischke (DRK-Bergwacht)
  • Dušan Polajnar (GRZS)

Nomination received:

  • Renaud Guillermet (GSM)
  • Alexis Mallon (ENSA)
  • Peter Zimmer (LandSAR NZ)

ICAR Auditor 1 & 2

  • Arthur Rohregger (ÖBRD) > end of maximum terms > replacement needed
  • Jürgen Negele (BRL) > available for re-election
  • Thomas Hellrigl (BRD-AVS) > nomination received

20200724-BOA Terms in Office (pdf, 77.30 Kb)
20200910 TCSAR Endorsement AVA President Stephanie Thomas (pdf, 127.76 Kb)
20201125 ÖBRD Nomination AVA President Lukas Ruetz (pdf, 784.94 Kb)
20210122 GOPR Support Letter AVA President Lukas Ruetz (pdf, 406.12 Kb)
20210320 SVEFRO Nomination ICAR Vice-President Marie Nordgren (pdf, 153.54 Kb)
20210322 SPMR Recommendation ICAR Vice-President Marie Nordgren (pdf, 365.83 Kb)
20210325-FIPS Support ICAR Vice-President Marie Norgren (pdf, 78.03 Kb)
20210325-SVEFRO CV ICAR Vice-President Marie Nordgren (pdf, 65.04 Kb)
20210421 BRD-AVS Nomination ICAR Auditor Thomas Hellrigl (pdf, 219.16 Kb)
20210623 Nomination candidate Alexis MALLON (pdf, 213.06 Kb)
20210625 Blake McDavitt LandSAR BTRAG Recommendation for Peter Zimmer (pdf, 97.51 Kb)
20210625 Gerold Biner Air Zermatt ICAR Board Recommendation Letter Peter Zimmer LandSAR NZ (pdf, 39.06 Kb)
20210625 LandSAR NZ Nomination with CV for Peter Zimmer as ICAR Board Assessor (pdf, 191.17 Kb)
20210628-GSM nomination ICAR board 5th Assessor Renaud Guillermet (pdf, 121.41 Kb)