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> Avalanche Airbag Survey (November 8, 2020)

As a master's student at the ZHAW Winterthur University, Switzerland and employee of Mammut, I would be very pleased if you would support me by taking part in my master's thesis survey. The goal of the study is a qualitative comparison of different measuring methods for determining backcountry freeriders - skiers, snowboarders and mountain snowmobilers - willingness to pay for Avalanche Airbags.

I would be happy if you participate in my survey. The ICAR community will help me to find out what the benefits / preferences of an Avalanche Airbag are for users. The survey takes about 25 minutes and as a special thanks each participant receives a personal voucher card of 15% at the end of the survey, which can be redeemed in the Mammut Online Shop.

I am happy to share the language and currency links of the survey with you, the idea is that each participant can take part in the survey in his or her preferred language as well as price knowledge.

Survey Language

Survey Currency

Survey Link


Schweizer Franken

Avalanche Airbag Umfrage DE CHF



Avalanche Airbag Umfrage DE EUR



Avalanche Airbag Survey EN EUR


US Dollar

Avalanche Airbag Survey EN USD


Francs Suisse

Enquête Avalanche Airbag FR CHF



Enquête Avalanche Airbag FR EUR

Thank you so much for your contribution, stay safe and keep well!

Ilari Dammert
Head of Avalanche Safety

phone +41 62 7698316

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