ICAR becomes an UIAA Observer Member


October 2020, the UIAA General Assembly 2020 (virtual) has accepted ICAR's application to become an UIAA Oberserver Member.(external links).

This strengthens/confirms the already ongoing cooperation of the ICAR Technical Committees with the UIAA Medical Commission & the UIAA Safety Commission and puts this collaboration on solid grounds.

20201023-24 UIAA GA 2020 Agenda (pdf, 152.11 Kb)
20201023-24 UIAA GA 2020 Voting Results (pdf, 551.47 Kb)
20201111 UIAA Observer Membership Confirmation (pdf, 238.98 Kb)

20201023 UIAA GA 2020 Live Stream Day 1 (external link)
20201024 UIAA GA 2020 Live Stream Day 2 (external link)
UIAA GA 2020 Website (external link)
UIAA Website (external link)