AAE - Association of Association Executives


Supports employees and officers of membership organisations in their own development and that of the services, products and events they provide their own communities (external link).

Members are from professional, scientific, learned and business associations, societies, federations, councils, chambers, and other membership organisations, in all sectors. Over 24,000 members and subscribers are located in Europe including the United Kingdom, in Africa, India and many other countries and regions.

The AAE community is managed and owned by The Networking Organisation Ltd, with its head office in the United Kingdom, and personnel also in the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Kenya and India. The AAE is guided by members of its Advisory Panels, and decisions made by the organisation led by the Executive Director.

01-AAE Associations World Congress 2019 Gothenburg Sweden / Association Success Story ICAR (pdf, 593.25 Kb)
20201030 AAE Online Conference Systems Showcase Day (pdf, 267.36 Kb)
20201109 AAE Online Conference Systems Checklist (pdf, 178.61 Kb)
20201109 AAE Online Conference Systems Functionality Videos (pdf, 134.74 Kb)
20201111 AAE Online Conference Systems Resources (pdf, 557.55 Kb)


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