GolaPRO - Web Development & Photography


by Tomek Gola, based in Geneva Switzerland, web-designer for ICAR 2019 in Zakopane Poland (external links).

I am photographer and multimedia producer with more than 15 years of experience. My skills derive from my passions - mountains, sports and social equality.

I believe longterm collaboration is the key to success. I offer my clients a very convenient way of cooperation. Instead of paying for the whole project, we agree to a monthly fee, which includes the creation and later the maintenance of the product. In this system, the client knows, that after deployment his visual content is always up to date and meets highest quality and security standards.

Clients, that trusted me are: Red Bull, National Geographic, Huawei, Wiko, Jeep, Skoda, Doppelmayr, Dynastar - to name a few.

My Creative Services Portfolio is: http://manifest.studio/

My Commercial Photography Portfolio is: http://gola.pro/

I see a big chance of cooperation, since the fields of operation of ICAR Members/Partners and my expertise, which directly derives from my passions - are very parallel.

I know it could be a win win situation for all the parties involved.

Commercial Photography Portfolio Website (external link)
Creative Services Portfolio Website (external link)
Photostream App BWITH.US Website (external link)