President of the ICAR Air Rescue Commission


Charley SHIMANSKI (MRA Mountain Rescue Association, USA).

A past President of the MRA and 30-year rescue mountaineer, Charley is a recognized leader in helicopter rescue in the USA. He has been the MRA's Education Director for over a decade, and he is the author of the MRA's two helicopter training manuals, which include an online Learning Management System and certificate program, now required by many rescue teams throughout North America.

Charley teaches helicopter rescue operations worldwide, and has participated in trainings, planning, and field operations with rescue teams and HEMS providers throughout North America.

Charley is the Mountain Rescue Program Coordinator for Flight For Life Colorado, the very first Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) program in the United States. He is author of the Flight For Life training guidebook, and he regularly works with HEMS providers nationwide.

Besides his helicopter rescue expertise, Charley is a proven leader, having served as the Senior Vice President for Disaster Services for the American Red Cross; leading its response to major disasters such as Hurricane Sandy. Charley also led the MRA through its most recent Strategic Planning Session with great vision.


Vice-President: Renaud GUILLERMET (GSM Groupe de Secours en Montagne)

Achievements of Charley Shimanski (pdf, 135.48 Kb)
Charley Shimanksi MRA / Accidents in Mountain Rescue Operations (pdf, 2.28 Mb)
Charley Shimanksi MRA / Helicopters in Search and Rescue - Basic Level (pdf, 903.46 Kb)
Charley Shimanksi MRA / Helicopters in Search and Rescue - Intermediate Level (pdf, 746.75 Kb)
Charley Shimanksi MRA / Risks in Mountain Rescue (pdf, 1.13 Mb)
Charley Shimanksi MRA / Situational Awareness in Mountain Rescue (pdf, 501.18 Kb)