ICAR Office, Tom Spycher (since June 2014)


Staffed 12 hours weekly (at irregular intervals, no fixed office hours), contact via e-mail preferred (anytime, most effective), click for more details...

ICAR Office tasks: Secretary (membership & partnership administration, billing & payments, convention coordination, connecting & corporate correspondence, community newsletters, supporting the ICAR President & the ICAR Executive Board) and Webmaster (content publication, user database administration).

  • Postal address (for shipments by public mail services of post offices): ICAR Office c/o Swiss Alpine Rescue SAR, Rega-Center, P.O. Box 1414, 8058 Zurich-Airport, Switzerland
  • Street address (for shipments by courier services like DPD, FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS or for your navigation device): ICAR Office c/o Swiss Alpine Rescue SAR, Rega-Center, Bimenzältenstrasse 87, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 44 6543554
  • Fax: +41 44 6543842
  • Mobile: +41 79 9574169
  • E-mail: office@alpine-rescue.org (preferred contact)
  • Web: www.alpine-rescue.org
  • Dropbox only: thomas.spycher@rega.ch
  • Video-Conferences: Skype, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc. (use of Zoom forbidden because of IT safety concerns)

Inquiries and correspondence on technical mountain rescue aspects should be directed to the respective ICAR Commission/Sub-Commission for further evaluation and processing:

ICAR Office temporary absences 2021 (office unattended, messages will be looked at upon return):

  • February 6-21 (2 weeks)
  • May 22-30 (1 week)
  • August 6-19 (2 weeks)
  • September 18-26 (1 week)

20170101 Map Directions to ICAR Office at Rega-Center (pdf, 1.18 Mb)
20191215 Timetable Public Bus Line 736 from Rega-Center to Zurich-Airport (pdf, 61.18 Kb)
20191215 Timetable Public Bus Line 736 from Zurich-Airport to Rega-Center (pdf, 61.19 Kb)

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